Bay Area Corporate Climate Resilience Council Overview


Climate change is a material risk to business—one that business cannot solve alone or in a vacuum. The Bay Area Corporate Climate Resilience Council (CCRC) offers a platform for like-minded Bay Area companies to come together around shared regional climate risks and climate resilience priorities. These forward-looking regional economic anchors are undertaking significant efforts to understand and prepare for the impacts of acute and chronic physical climate risks on their assets, operations, employees, and communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build community and corporate climate resilience in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Council’s priorities are to:

  • Identify Systemic Climate Risk: Identify systemic, region-wide impacts of physical climate risks on companies’ employees, communities, and real assets as well as on critical regional infrastructure like transportation, water, and energy
  • Address Physical Climate Risk: Address both acute (e.g. floods, wildfires, extreme heat events) and chronic (e.g. sea level rise, rising temperatures) physical climate risks, with a focus on actions that can be taken over the near-term to understand and address risk and advance longer-term climate resilience priorities
  • Understand Climate Impacts on People: Understand how people, including member companies’ staff and the communities in which they operate, are affected by climate impacts and collaboratively identify proactive opportunities to address these impacts
  • Explore Ways to Address Corporate Climate Risk: Explore climate impacts that are likely to pose significant risks to member companies—of which they may have limited understanding (e.g. impacts on regional systems)—and/or create the opportunity to strengthen resilience.
  • Partner: Partner with local and regional efforts to address shared climate risks and resilience opportunities as identified by member companies

Collaboration Outcomes

Council members will have an increased understanding of:

  • Physical climate risk
  • Corporate climate resilience
  • Climate impacts on people and communities
  • Other Bay Area adaptation and resilience plans and strategies

This will help inform member companies’ own climate resilience planning and implementation.

Why Join?

The Council offers companies a structured forum to:

  • Discuss the regional economic impacts of physical climate risks and the challenges they present for business
  • Identify and implement actions collectively to advance regional climate resilience priorities, including by partnering strategically with regional community and policy efforts

Member companies are regional anchors with a demonstrated commitment to the Bay Area through:

  • Their status as regional economic drivers, with a significant employee base and facilities in the region that cannot easily be relocated due to a strong connection to Bay Area assets (e.g. access to universities and research institutions, talent)
  • The degree to which they engage with local communities—such as through partnerships with and engagement in relevant local efforts or provision of funding—highlighting the alignment of corporate and community climate resilience values

Bay Area Corporate Climate Resilience Council Sustainable Development Goals Alignment

SDG icon, Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG icon, Goal 13: Climate Action