Cecilie Jørgensen

Cecilie supports companies in equity, inclusion, and justice. Through consulting, research, and collaboration, she works with BSR members seeking to create fair and equitable workplaces in their offices and throughout their value chains. Her areas of expertise include social impact-related work, strategy and program design, multistakeholder collaboration, and the advancement of women’s empowerment and gender equality across value chains.

Prior to joining BSR as a full-time staff member, Cecilie interned at BSR and supported the work of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, among other collaborative initiatives, as well as BSR’s general consulting services with a focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She was also chair of CBS Sport, a large Copenhagen sports organizations with the mission of promoting healthy living and creating better sporting alternatives for students and youth all over the city.

Cecilie holds a MSc in Business, Language, and Culture (BLC) Diversity and Change Management and a BSc in BLC, both from Copenhagen Business School. She speaks Danish, English, and Spanish.

Insights From Cecilie Jørgensen