Laura Macias

Laura advises companies across the globe in Equity, Inclusion, and Justice strategies, with a focus on supply chains and technology sectors. She leads HERrespect, HERproject’s pillar dedicated to promoting gender equality and tackling violence against women.

She also manages HERproject in Bangladesh, India, and Latin America. Laura also works on the Keeping Workers in the Loop project, a collaboration of industry leaders exploring the just transition to a circular fashion model.

Prior to joining BSR, Laura was part of the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, researching the relationship between innovation, artificial intelligence, and diversity. She also worked at UNICEF in corporate partnerships and fundraising.

Laura is also a columnist on topics related to equity and speaks Spanish, English, and French. She has a Master’s degree from Science Po and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Universidad Javeriana, and she completed a fellowship in public leadership at the Universidad de los Andes.

Insights From Laura Macias