The Paris Agreement on climate change marks a true turning point in the policy environment for businesses and investors. One of its stated purposes is to shift finance flows toward a low-carbon, climate-resilient global economy. Currently, 189 countries covering 98.8 percent of global emissions have now brought forward national climate plans to reduce emissions and build resilience under the agreement.

In BSR’s latest working paper, "From National Climate Plans to Business Plans," we harvest insights from the investment community, energy and extractives companies, and companies with extensive supply chains, on how well the national climate plans signal a shift in finance flows and how governments can strengthen this signal. We find that businesses recognize the need to respond to the national climate plans and now seek their stable and certain implementation, additional specificity to make them more actionable, and a broader policy environment to support them. By implementing and improving the national climate plans, governments will stimulate the finance flows essential to making the low-carbon economy a reality.

This report was made possible through the support of the ClimateWorks Foundation. 

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