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2015 Event Archive

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Apr ’15


April 16, 2015

London | BSR Connect

Training: Using Sustainability to Enhance Procurement

BSR's Center for Sustainable Procurement will hold a half-day training on how to integrate sustainability into procurement.

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Apr ’15


April 9, 2015

New York | BSR Connect

New Directions in Apparel Supplier Engagement in China

BSR will bring together apparel-sector member companies for a breakfast event on supply chain sustainability in China.

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Mar ’15


March 27, 2015

New York, NY, US | BSR Connect

Breakthroughs in Stakeholder Engagement

BSR will host a breakfast event on how companies can achieve breakthrough insights through stakeholder engagement.

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Mar ’15


March 24, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden | BSR Connect

Women’s Empowerment: The Case for Business Action

BSR, CSR i Praktiken, and UN Women's Nordic Office will hold a conversation and networking reception in Stockholm on women’s empowerment.

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Mar ’15


March 20, 2015

Tokyo, Japan | BSR Connect

Global Sustainability Trends in Consumer Sectors

At an event in Tokyo, we will explore global sustainability trends affecting consumer sectors companies, including how companies are creating business value from sustainability strategies, how they are driving consumer behavior change, and more.

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March 10, 2015

Hong Kong | BSR Connect

Global HERfinance Convening: Building Financial Inclusion in the Supply Chain

We are pleased to announce a special, two-day event on financial education and access for low-income women and men working in global supply chains, hosted by BSR’s HERproject team.

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Feb ’15


February 26, 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark | BSR Connect

From Materiality to Strategy

BSR is hosting a BSR Connect event that will explore how to leverage the results of a materiality exercise.

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Feb ’15


February 23, 2015

Washington, D.C., US | Partner Event

Climate Leadership Conference Side Event: BSR’s Future of Fuels

BSR's Future of Fuels initiative will host a roundtable on low-carbon transportation fuels at the Climate Leadership Conference.

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Feb ’15


February 18, 2015

Webinar | Sustainability Matters

Climate Adaptation: How Companies Are Preparing for Climate Change

This BSR-members-only webinar will explore the role of the private sector in advancing climate adaptation solutions and introduce BSR's newest Collaborative Initiative, the Regional Adaptation Initiative.

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Feb ’15


February 4, 2015

London, UK | BSR Connect

Business and Human Rights: From Impact Assessment to Meaningful Engagement

BSR invites you to a BSR Connect event that will explore the opportunities and challenges in engaging with stakeholders after conducting a human rights impact assessment (HRIA).

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