Information and communications technology (ICT) companies stand to gain considerably from ambitious clean energy policies in the United States.

When the U.S. Clean Power Plan (CPP) was announced in August of 2015, it was hailed as the strongest action the country had ever taken to combat climate change. Almost immediately, however, the CPP faced legal challenges that delayed its implementation. In March of 2017, the new U.S. presidential administration issued an executive order to review and most likely roll back or replace the CPP, making the future of this policy uncertain. Despite these challenges, strong U.S. climate policy is needed, and ICT companies are well positioned to participate in the review of any new federal energy policies.

This paper, funded by the We Mean Business coalition, outlines the case for ICT companies to advocate strongly for U.S. policies at all levels—federal, state, regional, and utility—that will facilitate the clean energy system needed to power the industries of the future and foster global economic growth. It also provides guidance on how the ICT industry can participate in the review of federal energy policy and support clean energy policies.

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