Resilience and Adaptation Initiative Overview

Our Mission

BSR’s Resilience and Adaptation Initiative (READI) is a new corporate platform in which businesses can develop practical strategies for enhancing resilience to climate risk across the value chain, while also improving their ability to catalyze broader societal resilience. 

Why Join?

  • Increase understanding of and ability to assess climate risk, as well as opportunities for resilience and adaptation through active collaboration with other companies and key stakeholders
  • Engage with other business leaders on strategies, pilot testing, and scaling solutions for climate-resilient companies
  • Assess and make practical use of the latest authoritative, thought-leading insights from across the climate and business communities in order to understand the company's exposure to risk and how to address the risk by building adaptive capacity
  • Contribute to thought and practice leadership on climate change resilience through facilitated discussions, partnership building, papers, and articles