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The Biden Administration and Sustainability in a Changing Asia



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Thursday December 17, 2020
10:00 am-11:00 am HKT (Hong Kong Time)



Webinar password: Af?5uf9g

Join us for an exploration of how an incoming Biden administration could impact the sustainability landscape in Asia. Key issues on the table include the Paris Agreement and a focus on climate change, human rights and due diligence, modern slavery, and forced labor. However, the political/economic landscape in Asia has changed in the past four years. How will these issues both impact and be impacted by an incoming Biden administration? 

This conversation brings together speakers with deep political, climate, human rights, and government relations experience to unpack the issues, explore the opportunities, and offer insights for business to prepare. 


  • Bennett Freeman, Principal, Bennett Freeman Associates
  • Sara Jane Ahmed, V20 Finance Advisor, V20 Secretariat
  • Golda Benjamin, Programme Director, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
  • Hans Vriens, Founder and Managing Partner, Vriens & Partners

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