Women’s economic empowerment is widely recognized by governments, international development institutions, and businesses globally as essential for human progress, thriving economies, and business success. However, in sub-Saharan Africa, women face deeply rooted obstacles to achieving their potential at work and in other aspects of life.

In this report, we aim to help companies advance women’s economic empowerment in their operations and across their value chains in sub-Saharan Africa. Our findings build on evidence that companies can receive clear business benefits from inclusive economic growth and gender equality and that the private sector, alongside other actors, has a key role in advancing women’s economic empowerment that goes beyond simply offering a woman a job.  

The report focuses on the economic, social, cultural, and political challenges facing women in the region and offers companies recommendations on how to promote women’s economic empowerment through their own actions and by enabling and influencing others. Our findings are based on our research of the apparel, mining, and mobile telecommunications industries in sub-Saharan Africa.

In addition to this main report, the research includes three industry briefs providing specific insights and recommendations for companies in the apparel, mining, and mobile telecommunications sectors.  

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